Settler's Kitchen

We have included this display as part of the "Story of Renwicktown" because of the crucial importance of the home kitchen in the lives of the early settlers. It may seem strange in this day and age to talk of the kitchen being 'crucial' but the early settlers could not just "pop down to the shops". Everything had to be made from basic ingredients bought at the general store or grown locally. The settler's kitchen would have been a hive of activity making jams and preserves, baking and cooking. 


Many of the settlers had large families. As many as 15 children has been recorded to one family. Times were hard and providing for so many hungry mouths would have been for the settler womenfolk. 


Moving forward in time, even when goods became more plentiful to buy, old habits didn't die and even today there is a vast array of locally produced foodstuffs available. 


The display here is not meant to represent any particular period in time but rather showcases some of the kitchen artefacts used by the people of early Renwicktown.