Vorbach Smithy

As Renwick grew on the trade from passing travelers and local farming, the blacksmith and wheelwright trades grew as well. The rocky (and often muddy) Marlborough roads took their toll on carts and the rough terrain took its toll on farming implements so there was an increasing need for repairs at the smithy. The relative isolation of early Renwick meant that there was an emphasis on "make do and mend" that also allowed the local trades to thrive. This isolation also meant that local problems had to be solved locally and "necessity being the mother of invention" it was often the local blacksmith that was asked to invent something to do the job.


One local blacksmith became well known for his novel inventions and that was John Vorbach. It is his smithy that is depicted in this display and many of the items seen here are from his blacksmith shop which was located at the corner of Uxbridge and High streets, diagonally opposite the current supermarket . Amongst his inventions was the Vorbach potatoe lifter and the Vorbach bicycle.



The Vorbach Bicycle

Comfort was not an option with this home made bike!