The BULLOCK AND DRAY display at the front of the museum

The bullock and dray display has been outside Renwick Museum for over 50 years and it is starting to look a bit worse for wear. We were advised that painting the dray with linseed oil could preserve it for a while longer, at the same time making any necessary repairs. We have decided to upgrade the whole display, which will entail removing the display for 9 days while we build up the area that it stands on. (TRS have kindly offered to help with this heavy work). It will be removed next Friday 8th Sept and if all goes well will be replace on Monday the 18th

Saturday, 9th September. We have spent a full day working on the display area and dray, and have achieved a great result. Ray and I were so pleased when Fran Murphy rang and offered her help for the day, We have had a very productive day, achieving so much more with Fran's willing help! So pleased with the dray now it has been soaked in linseed oil, and we are thinking maybe another coat tomorrow. Hopefully it will stand for another 50 years after all of this attention.

Sunday 10th Sept., another successful day. We have begun the enclosure that the dray will stand in We can only build 2 sides as the far side needs to be left open so the forklift can lift the dray in. Fran turned up again to help us, she painted the last of the linseed oil on the dray. Great work!

11th - 16th September.  Fulton and Hogan of Pak Lim Road, Renwick, kindly donated the stone for the front display. We were hoping to recreate the look of the Wairau River, and think we have achieved it.

The bullocks feet have been in contact with earth for a long time and the tin has rotted. John Burnett has kindly volunteered to cut us some new feet, so the old ones were removed to be used as templates.

The old rails on the dray have badly rotted, they have been removed and replacement replicas are going to be made. So far so good.

17th October. The dray, completely refurbished and being put back into position at the front of the building. Once again kindly helped by TRS of Renwick. It ended up being such a delicate job positioning the dray within a couple of centimeters of the museum wall that the hi-ab had to be used.