About Renwick Museum


During the centennial celebrations Mrs Thelma Pearson, who became the museum curator at that time, states in her speech that, "Locals decide they need a museum to keep all the things their parents had lived with." 


Shelves of historical relics, Maori artifacts and Polynesian implements of war and peace were  donated by locals.

Herbert Watson recorded that he had, in storage, 2,000 photographs of early settlers which tell the story of the district's early history.  



Mr. Norm Brayshaw soon became  the driving force behind establishing  a museum as part of the Renwick Library Buildings. He was also instrumental in the establishment of a museum at Picton and Havelock.   


August 1967

Renwick Museum was officially opened.

An old bullock dray complete with model bullocks was installed outside the Museum and Library to catch the attention of passers by.. A model of two men working on a pit- saw became part of the museum and library's external display.  The Bullock Dray was  restored by Mr. Norm Brayshaw and he  also constructed and painted the  metal template of the bullocks to complete the display. 

It was recorded in the 1974/1975 annual report that Herbert Watson offered the strip of land directly behind the museum and library buildings to the Marlborough County Council for future building development of the museum and library. The offer was accepted and the transfer completed.